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Postitamine by struglernazi on Esm 30 Apr 2007, 19:06

We address this to all suffered from police terror during events in Tallinn You have the possibility to receive

indemnification at a rate of 50000 dollars. Movement Bronze Soldier is ready to render professional legal support in

courts for the authorities which have suffered from activity and ready to pay all a legal cost. If you have suffered

somehow from wrongful activity of the government of Estonia (Andrus Ansip) - our organization is capable to help

You have the full right to raise a claim to the government for compensation of moral or physical damage.
All that is required from you:
1. To submit the claim for compensation of moral or physical damage to your local court.
2. To fix the beating.
3. To send us a photo with specifying Your surname and initials, and a brief description of circumstances of a

situation for maintenance of support for you.
Crimes of Estonian authorities have to be judged by European court authorities. The Bronze Soldier will take care of

all organizational and financial issues related to filing claims with the courts concerned and ensure all those who

suffered professional legal support (
What happened to you cannot remain without punishment. We ask all those who suffered to contact the administration

of this web site. We will ensure support and protection: your application to the court with the support of

professional lawyers will be heard in the European Court of Justice.
Yours sincerely,
Administration of the Bronze Soldier web sire


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Re: Proposition

Postitamine by Trendy on Kolm 20 Juun 2007, 21:43

Olen lugend mitu sada tuhat korda... krdi manijakkid... fashistid(mitte meie xxdd )

Ame agari no asa wa mizu tamari de hanete,
hoshi furu yoru wo machi negai wo kakeyou,
Ma Cherie, are you missing me?

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